A new standard in luxury tea

Why is Royal Blue Tea sold in a wine bottle?

Because Royal Blue Tea is the pinnacle of high-end tea, made with the finest tea leaves produced by master artisans, and prepared entirely by hand using an innovative, new manufacturing technique. We use wine bottles to ensure that this exceptional tea reaches you in peak condition.

Why is Royal Blue Tea served in a wine glass?

Because a wine glass is the best way to fully savour the elegant tone, delightful aroma, and exquisite taste of Royal Blue Tea.
Whether enjoyed whilst relaxing at home or as pairing for fine cuisine at a top class restaurant, Royal Blue Tea is an original taste experience of outstanding quality on a par with the best of wine and champagne. The finest teas, to be enjoyed at any time, anywhere, by anybody. Experience a new kind of luxury with Royal Blue Tea.


Dear Sir or Madam,
Currently, Royal Blue Tea has temporarily stopped accepting orders due to the effects of COVID-19.
We will resume orders once international logistics for individuals is normal.

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to email us.

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Thank you.

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To Enjoy Royal Blue Tea

Bottled Tea Product List

NET Price

Japanese Green Tea

King of Green MASA

High-End Traditional Sencha 伝統煎茶
Tenryu, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 静岡県浜松市天竜
Masataka & Katsunori Ota 太田昌孝・勝則

  • Premium

    S$856w/GST (S$800)
  • Super Premium

    Built to Order

King of Green HIRO

High-End Heritage Gyokuro 伝統本玉露
Hoshino, Yame, Fukuoka 福岡県八女市星野村
Shinya Yamaguchi 茶師十段 山口真也

  • Premium

    S$963w/GST (S$900)
  • Super Premium

    Built to Order

King of Green RIICHI

High-End Traditional Uji Tencha 伝統宇治碾茶
Uji, Kyoto 京都宇治市
Riichi Yoshida, 16th Generation Estate Owner 吉田利一(吉田家16代当主)

  • Premium

    S$642 w/GST (S$600)

京都宇治碾茶 The Uji

Traditional Uji Tencha 伝統宇治碾茶
Kyoto Yamashiro 京都山城地区
JA Kyoto Yamashiro JA京都やましろ

  • Grand

    S$246.10 w/GST (S$230)

釜炒り緑茶 IRIKA炒香

Kamairi Ryokucha 釜炒り緑茶
(Kettled-Roasted Green Tea)
Gokase, Miyazaki 宮崎県五ヶ瀬
Akira Miyazaki 宮崎亮

  • Grand

    S$224.70 w/GST (S$210)

玉露焙じ茶 KAHO香焙

Gyokuro Hojicha 玉露焙じ茶
(Roasted Green Tea)
Yame, Fukuoka 福岡県八女市
Shinya Yamaguchi 茶師十段 山口真也

  • Grand

    S$214 w/GST (S$200)

Blue Tea / Oolong

Fall in Love

Semi-Fermented Tea/Low Oxidation 軽発酵
Kao Shan Tea 高山茶
Taiwan 台湾

  • Deluxe

  • Grand

    S$224.70 w/GST (S$210)
    Ali Shan Jin Xuan
  • Imperial

    S$374.5 w/GST (S$350)
    Li Shan

Real Honey

Semi-Fermented Tea/Low Oxidation 軽発酵
Kao Shan Tea 高山茶
Taiwan 台湾

  • Deluxe

  • Imperial

    S$374.5 w/GST (S$350)

Queen of Blue

Semi-Fermented Tea/Heavy Oxidation 重発酵
Oriental Beauty 東方美人
Taiwan 台湾

  • Deluxe

    S$192.60 w/GST (S$180)
  • Grand

    S$246.10 w/GST (S$230)
  • Imperial

    S$428 w/GST (S$400)
  • Premium

    S$856 w/GST (S$800)

Black Tea

Royal Darjeeling Rajah

Organic Black Tea 有機紅茶
Darjeeling, Indiaインド、ダージリン
Makaibari Tea Estates マカイバリ茶園

  • Grand

    S$224.70 w/GST (S$210)
  • Imperial

    S$374.50 w/GST (S$350)
  • Premium

    S$1,070 w/GST (S$1,000)

Scented Tea / Flower Tea

Jewel of Flowers HANA

Jasmine Tea 茉莉花茶(香片)
Fujian 福建省

  • Grand

    S$224.70 w/GST (S$210)
Sales Policy

Common Specifications

Non-alcoholic tea beverage
Made in Japan; 750mL per bottle
Manufacturer (bottled tea):
Royal Blue Tea Japan CO., LTD
Ingredients: Tea
Keep chilled, store upright


* No additives (antioxidents, preservatives, spices, artificial coloring etc) or alcohol. 
* Please store in a refrigerator and consume as quickly as possible after opening. 
* Please do not heat or freeze, as this can cause the liquid to expand,
which can lead to breakage.
* Please remove the stopper carefully.

If this is tea, what was I drinking before? The ultimate in hospitality delivered in a fresh, new style.

Royal Blue Tea is the world`s first luxury bottled tea. Our mission is to provide a premium quality tea that can be easily enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, at any time, without the need for any preparation.

Cold brewed using an innovative, new version of the traditional mizudashi technique, each and every bottle of Royal Blue Tea is crafted entirely by hand. With a focus on Japanese tea, we select the finest hand-picked tea leaves from around the world, which are only available in very limited quantities each year.

These precious leaves are infused in cold water for three to seven days to fully extract their natural flavour, colour, and aroma. The tea is then put through a special unheated filtered sterilization process. We are the first company to successfully manufacture a bottled soft drink without the use of heat sterilization. Our teas are entirely natural and we do not use any artificial additives or preservatives.

Experience a new kind of luxury with Royal Blue Tea: the world's finest bottled tea.

The Ultimate Green Tea: King of Green MASA Super premium
Series5, Vol.4, S$11,111.11 per bottle.
On sale by special order from October, 2020.
Only 15 sets are available (first come, first served).

Prize-winning tea leaves from the 73rd Japanese National Tea Appraisal Competition, Heritage Sencha 4kg section, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Prize.

Type: Japanese Green Tea (Heritage Sencha/Tenryu Cha)
Cultivar: Yabukita
Tea Leaf Origin: Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Tenryu
Cultivation Method: Natural cultivation
Harvesting Method: Hand-picked
Tea Farmer: Mr. Masataka Ota
Specifications: Wooden case included
Manufacture: Royal Blue Tea Japan, Ltd. (Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan)
Storage: Keep chilled, store upright



2-8, Honjuku-cho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, 〒253-0014, Japan

Import/Sale of Royal Blue Tea Products


137 Telok Ayer Street, #05-07, Singapore 068602


TEL:  +81-467-50-0806
Email:   rbt@royalbluetea.com

Open: Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm
Closed: Saturday & Sunday, 24 Dec. to 5 Jan.