King of Green MASA Premium Susuri-Cha

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Top quality sencha, served to world leaders
at the 2008 Hokkaido Toyako G8 Summit.

Precious leaves from one of Japan's top tea producers

Japanese Tenryucha, also known as Enshu Mountain Tea, is grown on the upper reaches of Tenryu River, which winds its way through the misty mountains of Shizuoka. Using grass mulch and self-made fertilizer, Mr. Masataka Ota, who runs the Ota tea estate together with his son, has tended the soil of his natural tea garden for over half a century. Once a year, about a hundred of the local townspeople gather to carefully pick the leaves by hand. Mr. Ota, a true veteran, has been growing tea since the age of fifteen. Amassing a slew of awards over the years, he has single-handedly turned Tenryucha into a well-known brand.

A flavour born from the mountain's blessing

The alpine climate of the Ota tea estate, with its misty mornings, warm days, and cold nights, results in a distinctively aromatic and richly flavoured tea. Combine this with its refreshing character and elegant colour, and Tenryucha can truly be said to be one of the pinnacles of Japanese tea.

  • Type: Japanese green tea (sencha, Tenryu Cha)
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Tea leaf origin: Masataka Ota Tea Estate (Tenryu, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka)
  • Cultivation method: natural cultivation, hand-picked
  • Tea leaf producer: Masataka Ota, Katsunori Ota
  • 1 pack/3 grams (one serving)
  • Storage:
    Avoid high temperatures and humidity.
    Avoid any transfer of aroma to the tea leaves.

A Guide to Enjoying Susuri-Cha

How to handle the tea leaves

To enjoy these tea leaves at their best, please follow these instructions.

  • Best Before Date
    Because these tea leaves are perishable goods, please consume them on the same day as opening the package.
  • Container and Water
    If using a glass container, please use water at a temperature of under 50C° to ensure the container does not break.

The Recommended Way to Enjoy Susuri-Cha

  1. First, place the tea leaves into a teacup, then pour in boiled water which has cooled to a temperature of around 40C° until the water covers the leaves. Wait for around 2~4 minutes, then enjoy the tea.
  2. After enjoying the first infusion, the second infusion should be made using water at a temperature of around 40C°, infused for about 1 minute. For the third infusion, please use water at a temperature of around 70~80 C°, infused for as long as you wish. With this method you can enjoy multiple cups of delicious susuri-cha.
  3. After drinking the tea you can eat the leaves. We recommend adding ponzu to enhance the flavour.