Sales Policy

Payment  Currency: SGD
  • Credit card (VISA, Master, Amex)
  • Apple Pay
* Payment to be made per shipment.
Shipping Area Singapore only 
Shipping Temperature Yamato International Cool TAC-Q-BIN, refrigerated, upright storage
Shipping Fee
  • 7-9 bottles per box: 1 box, S$23.54 w/GST(S$22)
  • 1-6 bottles per box: 1 box, S$18.19 w/GST(S$17)
Order Unit & Dispatch Unit
  • 9 bottles per box
  • 6 bottles per box
  • 2 bottles per box
  • 1 bottle per box

* Each bottle is manufactured individually by hand.
All items will be dispatched by air from our factory in Japan.
* Different varieties can be dispatched in the same box.
* Packing: as the items will be sent by refrigerated air delivery, each bottle will be individually packed in a styrofoam box.
* For items delivered in a wooden case, the packing method will be different. Please consult with us separately for each order.

Damaged Goods Royal Blue Tea will only deal with damage occurring in-transit.
Upon receiving damaged goods, please contact the shipping company as soon as possible.
The damaged item will be collected by the shipping company and a replacement will be sent at a later date.


Shipping Company: Yamato Transport/Yamato International Cool TA-Q-BIN

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

Receipt of order Thursday 3pm Friday 3pm Monday 3pm  Tuesday 3pm
Preliminary customs  application Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Dispatch from Japan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Customs clearance Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Delivery to SG Wednesday- Thursday- Friday- Saturday/Sunday

※Illustration of flow from order to delivery (with shortest possible lead time)