Company Registration  No. 201630767N
Company Address
137 Telok Ayer Street, #05-07, Singapore 068602
Date Founded 9th Nov 2016
Founder, President and CEO, Director
Main Business Activities Total brand control of ROYAL BLUE TEA, trading, planning , product development, manufacturing, consulting

Royal Blue Tea Japan Co., Ltd.

Company Name Royal Blue Tea Japan Co., Ltd.
Registered Address Head Office; SGS-HACCP Certified Factory; Boutique 2-8, Honjuku-cho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0014, JAPAN TEL+81-467-50-0806 FAX+81-467-53-7009
Date Founded
25th May, 2006 (began operations in November, 2001)
Directors Co-Founder, Chairperson and Executive Director, Setsuo Sato 佐藤節男
Co-Founder, President and Executive Director, Keiko Yoshimoto 吉本桂子
Business Activities Development, manufacture, and sale of high-quality bottled tea; development and sale of products related to tea; business operations related to tea
Certification Manufacturing Permit (November, 2006); Restaurant Business Operating Permit (November, 2006); International Food Safety & Quality Control SGS-HACCP Certification (June, 2007)
Corporate Philosophy
  1. The recipe for good tea is harmony.
    We believe that good tea is born from the harmony of spirit between tea makers, tea sellers, and tea drinkers.
  2. Good tea is a recipe for harmony.
    We believe that drinking good tea leads to the formation of well-rounded and harmonious human relations.

---What is good tea? Making good tea means revealing the true character of the tea leaves. Royal Blue Tea`s mission is to create a new global tea culture by providing the authentic taste of the world`s finest teas.

Management Policy
  1. Work to promote a new kind of tea ceremony: Chaen
    Chaen is a pairing of luxury bottled teas with a full-course meal (French cuisine, Japanese cuisine etc). One tea is served as an aperitif, three during the meal, and one after the meal. This new kind of tea ceremony can be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of their nationality, religion, gender, age, or ideology. We aim to spread this exciting and versatile new form of tea culture throughout the world.
  2. Provide a superior level of service to those who cannot drink alcohol and those who not wish to drink alcohol. Whatever the occasion, be it at a top restaurant, onboard the first-class section of an international airline flight, or at an elegant party or wedding reception, we offer complete satisfaction to alcohol drinkers and non-drinkers alike.
  3. Establish high-quality tea as a luxury brand. What is truly high-quality tea? To answer to this question, Royal Blue Tea aims to establish high-end tea as a luxury brand. It is our honour and privilege to work with some of the world`s leading tea producers, with a particular focus on helping to promote Japan`s most highly skilled tea farmers.
Manufacturing Philosophy,
Mission, and Standards

Consistent excellence in all areas

To promote the world`s finest hand-picked teas and FTGFOP teas

Because we only use tea leaves of the highest quality, of which only a limited amount are available each year, we may run low on stock at times. In this case, the dispatch of our teas may be delayed. In this event, we appreciate your understanding.

  • Materials
    We use only hand-picked tea leaves and FTGFOP* tea leaves. We do not use any artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Extraction Method
    Mizudashi cold-brewing (extraction time: three days for green tea and black tea; seven days for blue tea)
  • Sterilization Method
    We do not use heated sterilization. Instead, with special permission from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we use unheated filtered sterilization.

*FTGFOP Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe FTGFOP is an internationally recognized classification for black tea. FTGFOP leaves contain a large amount of hand-picked, high-quality fresh shoots, which, when brewed, produce a beautiful golden-coloured tea. Within the FTGFOP category, there is an even higher grade, 1S-FTGFOP (S=special), which is only produced at tea estates recognized to be of the highest quality. Black tea grades are generally determined by the size of the leaves and the amount of fresh shoots. As a general rule, the more letters, the higher the grade. The classification of the leaves is the same for types of tea other than black tea.